Why should my kid learn to SCUBA dive?

  1. Because it’s fun! It’s a great way to meet people, learn to work as a team, and get some exercise.

  2. Parents who enjoy diving can take their children on SCUBA holidays and share the experience of exploring the underwater world with their kids.

  3. The younger people are when they begin learning a sport like diving, the more comfortable they will generally be with it.

  4. SCUBA diving takes concepts from physics, math, and natural science and applies them to the real world.

  5. Diving encourages students to care about the environment and  marine conservation.

  6. Although diving can be a risky activity, most activities in life carry some degree of risk. Teaching a child or teenager to responsibly manage the risks of diving can help them to learn personal responsibility.  

Will this lead to a SCUBA certification?

Children can become certified scuba divers from age 10 by taking the Junior Open Water course. Age 10 is the minimum age to take the course, but not all kids are ready to take the course at age 10 or older. The scuba classes allow your kid to try scuba diving and get comfortable with the skills before committing to a full course. If you are interested in your child getting certified, please get in touch to discuss options.

What do we need for the class?

I will send you a form to fill out and bring with you to class. If there are any medical conditions that may affect your child’s ability to dive, I will send you another form to take with you to your family doctor. All equipment is provided, but it is recommended children have their own mask. Other than that just bring a swimsuit and a towel!

How do I book a class?

Send an email to Katy at trunkfishadventures@gmail.com for more information or to book a class.