How much do the sessions cost?

Introductory sessions are $35 ($40 at Jones Valley). Sessions after that cost $60 or four sessions for $200.

Are these certification classes?

No, these classes are designed to get kids comfortable in the water and practicing the skills needed for certification. They are comparable to the PADI Bubblemaker, Seal Team, and Discover Scuba Diving courses. Children 10+ can take a certification course. If you are interested in getting your kid certified, send us an email and we can discuss options.

How many classes should my child attend?

That’s up to you and what you want to achieve! Kids can attend sessions just for fun. With repeat sessions the children begin setting up their own equipment, learning some basic dive theory, and practicing safety skills. There is no pressure to complete any skills and children can take their time getting comfortable. This is a great way for your child to start learning the basics and build confidence in the water before attempting a certification course. 

What will they learn during the classes?

For the introductory session we get kids in the water straight away. We swim around getting comfortable first, and then the kids can play with some underwater toys and show off their underwater gymnastics skills. If you choose for your child to continue with lessons, we will start learning...

  1. Dive Theory - We discuss the physics of diving, how to dive responsibly, and why it is important to never hold our breath.

  2. Safety skills - We practice dive skills until they are completely comfortable with them. They will learn how to dive safely and responsibly while remaining in the shallow water environment of a swimming pool.

  3. Buoyancy - They will learn how to use their equipment and breathing to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater. This is how astronauts train for zero gravity!! We play a lot of fun games to practice our buoyancy skills.

Does my child have to be a strong swimmer?

No, but they must be comfortable and confident in the water.

Can I join a session with my child?

These classes are just for kids. We plan to start adult sessions and parent/child sessions soon. Please contact us for more information!

What do we need to do to bring?

Once you have signed up, I will send you a form to fill out and bring with you to the session. All equipment is provided, so all your child needs is a swimsuit and a towel. I strongly recommend that kids who want to keep diving buy their own mask.