Scuba Classes

Scuba lessons for kids 8+

After an Introduction to SCUBA experience, kids can sign up to take a scuba class. During these classes we start learning the skills needed to be a scuba diver, while also leaving plenty of time to play with underwater toys.


Ages 8+


Kids will learn how to:

  • Set up and take apart their own equipment

  • Work as a buddy team

  • Perform a pre-dive safety check with their buddy

  • Safely ascend and descend

  • Equalize the ears and mask

  • Clear a flooded mask

  • Clear a regulator

  • Recover a lost regulator

  • Remain neutrally buoyant

  • Use underwater hand signals to communicate with their buddy

  • Monitor their own air supply and signal the amount left

  • Share air with a buddy

Junior Open Water Certification

Ages 10+


Children can become certified scuba divers from age 10 by taking the Junior Open Water course. Age 10 is the minimum age to take the course, but not all kids are ready to take the course at age 10 or older. The scuba classes allow your kid to try scuba diving and get comfortable with the skills before committing to a full course. If you are interested in your child getting certified, please get in touch to discuss options.

This is not a certification course but may count towards certification.