1. What should we expect?

    Trial sessions for kids 8+ begin with a quick explanation of how to use the equipment. The rest of the time is spent blowing bubbles, playing with underwater toys, and having fun! Group sizes are small to ensure everyone receives proper attention.

  2. What do we need to bring?

    I will send you a form to fill out and bring with you to class. Other than that, just bring a swimsuit and a towel. All equipment is provided. You can bring your own mask (no swimming goggles!) and fins if you have them. Some people like to wear a rash guard or board shorts.

  3. Does my kid need to be able to swim?

    No. But they should be comfortable and confident in the water to ensure they have a good time!

  4. How deep will they go?

    All sessions start in water shallow enough to stand up in. Ages 10+ can take a Discover Scuba lesson which teaches the skills needed to move to deeper water.

  5. Do parents stay and watch?

    It’s a good idea for parents to stick around in case their child wants to get out of the pool before the session is finished. For private sessions in at-home pools, a responsible adult must be present for the entire session.

  6. Can we do more than one class?

    Yes! 30 and 60 minute trial sessions are running in November and December. I will soon be offering package deals for regular classes starting in January.

  7. What do kids learn during these classes?

    Scuba diving is a fun and unique way to exercise, make friends, and build confidence. It can also be a very meditative and calming experience. Kids will learn about team work and communication while building their practical dive skills. The class can be taken just for fun, or as a stepping stone towards certification.

  8. I’m an adult! Can I dive too?

    Yes! I also teach private sessions for all ages. Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a session.

  9. Can we get certified as a scuba divers?

    Anyone 10 years or older can take the PADI Open Water course. The course is composed of three parts 1. Theory, 2. Confined Water, and 3. Open Water. Unfortunately, there are no open water dive locations in Huntsville, but you can start preparing for your next vacation by completing the theory and confined parts of the course at home before you go. You’ll be ready to jump in and start diving as soon as you arrive!

  10. How do I book a session?

    Send an email to Katy at trunkfishadventures@gmail.com to find out about different options and prices.